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Ever wondered what it would be like if you could have cake delivered through your letterbox??? Need a cake for a Birthday, Christmas, Easter or just fancy a cake??? Then head straight over to the Bakerdays website to find out more. You can customize your cake with different text or even have a photo of your choice on your cake. There are loads of different cake recipes to choose from. My personal favorite is the traditional sponge you can also choose from rich chocolate chip, lovely lemon drizzle, gluten wheat free sponge, dairy free sponge and fabulous fruit. If I were to order from Bakerdays I would definitely want to try the rich chocolate chip cake!!!!

I was really impressed when the cake arrived in the post. It did fit through the letterbox and 100% lived up the expectations. The Bakerdays cake arrived in a cute tin which of course can be reused for whatever you want. The cake came with a sheet over the top which was protecting the top of the cake. Then there is a pull tag, so that the cake is easily taken out of the tin without the cake getting damaged. I think everything was perfect with initially choosing the cake to the delivery process and then me getting the cake out of the tin. The cake had a cardboard sheet under the cake to keep it fresh and to make it easy to cut slices.

I was so excited to have the chance to personalise my own Christmas cake!!!! It’s so easy when you’re on the Bakerdays website. There are so many cake occasions and themes to choose from. You can even personalise the words on the cake or even have your own photo on a cake. For me when I was choosing a Christmas themed cake it was simple. As soon as I saw a cat themed cake I just had to have it. The cat cake preset already said ‘Meowy Christmas’ which I thought was super cute. All I added onto the cake was ‘xoxo’ instead of having a name in its place. Here is the link to the cake I chose

My Bakerdays cake had been delivered a few days before I got the chance to look at the cake and to take photos for this blogpost. As we are now into winter in the UK it is really dark even during the day, so it was so frustrating when the few days before when my cake got delivered the weather was really bad with rain and fog and it literally being pitch black outside all day. When I got the chance to open the cake box to take blog photos I was worried something was going to be wrong with the cake or that when I cut into it the cake would have been dried out. In the past when I have had supermarket Birthday cakes quite a lot of the time they have been so dried out it ruins the whole cake.

Once I took the photos for this blogpost it was time to cut into the cake!!! I was starting to feel nervous, because at this point I could only judge the cake on appearance as I hadn’t even taken a bite out of the cake yet. As you can hopefully see from this photo that the cake was perfection!!!! The cake was still really moist and the cake itself was really fluffy. I was still taking photos at this point and hadn’t still even tried a piece. As soon as I finished taking photos I ate the first slice and it was glorious!!! Everything that you would want in any cake. The taste was amazing and the icing was incredible. It took a few days for me and my Mum to eat all the cake. It stayed fresh keeping it inside the tin on the cardboard base. I would be so happy if someone got me a cake from Bakerdays for my Birthday (which is on the 26th December).

When I gave my Mum a slice of the cake after she finished work. I didn’t tell her anything about the cake. My Mum saw the cake come out of the tin and the slice being cut for her. After my Mum ate her slice I asked her if she liked it. My Mum was like “Well……………  why was it so flat????” I said back to her that it is a letterbox cake and that the postman posted it through the letterbox!!! My Mum got it then and said that it was a really clever idea. She then started asking more questions and about the price. My Mum thought it was good value especially as you can personalise the cake so much. My Mum isn’t an easy person to please, so it shows that Bakerdays cakes are brilliant.

Bakerdays sell a range of cake sizes the Letterbox gift cake (5 inches) is what I had. They also sell other cakes which are bigger, so they wouldn’t fit through your letterbox. Personally, after trying a Bakerdays cake I would definitely love to try a bigger cake to compare. Who wouldn’t want the biggest cake you can get. The other cake sizes are small party cake (7 inches), medium cake (9 inches) and large cake (12 inches). The price for a letterbox cake is £14.99, small party cake £29.99, medium cake £39.99 and the large cake £59.99. If that isn’t enough Bakerdays also sell cupcakes and balloons.

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*Gifted - This cake was kindly sent to me by Bakerdays to review. All opinions are my own!!!


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      Thank you so much 😘😘😘

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