Boots Haul – March 2017


I can’t believe this is my first Blogpost of 2017!!!! It feels like I haven’t been blogging in ages. I seriously can’t believe it’s already nearly the end of the third month of 2017!!! So much has happened since I last put up a blogpost. My health hasn’t been good & theres been a lot of family drama going on. I’m hoping to now get at least 1 blogpost up a week on this blog & at least 1 blogpost a month on

I bought a few bits in Boots a few days ago & thought I would do a blogpost just to say what I thought of the items. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you have probably already seen my Boots haul that I shared on my Snapchat & Instagram story. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram my link is & my Snapchat user name is Raeoxoxo. I would love some new Instagram & Snapchat friends. Leave me your Social Media links in the comments.

If you didn’t already know I’m a crazy cat lady & a massive Hello Kitty fan. I was sooooooooo happy when I heard Tangle Teezer were doing a collaboration with Hello Kitty. When I saw my local Boots had the pink Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer I just had to put it in my basket. The pink Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer cost me £13.50 (link to pink Tangle Teezer). There is also a black & white Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer, but you currently can’t buy it from Boots, However I have found a link on Look Fantastic’s website (link to black & white Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer).

Tangle Teezer’s are great at keeping your hair knot free without damaging your hair. I love the handbag friendly design on the compact styler. The protective cover stops the brush from getting damaged & also keeps the brush clean & free from bacteria in your handbag. The compact styler can be used on wet & dry hair. The compact styler won’t pull or snag your hair. The flexible bristles are designed to glide through your hair, without damaging & pulling out healthy hair. Check out the Tangle Teezer website for some amazing products

I Picked up a pack of Elegant Touch Express press-on nails when I was in boots as they were on clearance. I paid £2.25 for the pack of press-on nails when they normally retail for £8.99. I would definitely recommend going into your local Boots to see if you can find them. I wish I would of picked up a few packs!!!! The style of nails I have is called ‘Teal Deco’. If you can’t find them in your local Boots, you can buy them on ASOS for £7 (ASOS link).

Recently I have become obsessed with Elegant Touch nails, But I had never tried press-on nails. I thought press-on nails wouldn’t be as good  as glue on nails & wouldn’t last as long, but to be honest I think they have stayed on my nails better than glue on nails. I haven’t had any fall of yet. I have had them on for a few days now. I’m really impressed!!! After I took the photo above I clipped the press-on nails shorter, then filed them to a square shape to make them a more manageable length. I thought at least a few of the nails would have fallen off by now & I would of been gluing them back on, but no they are still going strong & still look FAB!!!! Check out the Elegant Touch website for gorgeous false nails You can also check out my previous blogpost about glue on Elegant Touch nails by clicking on the link (House of Holland Elegant Touch blogpost).

I am completely obsessed with Baby Lips lip balms, so when I saw that Boots had Baby Lips glosses I had to swatch all the colours they had on display. Maybelline’s Baby Lips glosses cost £4.99 each & at the moment there is a promotion on, where you can buy 1 get 2nd half pice (Baby Lips Gloss link). There wasn’t a promotion when I bought mine which is sooooooo annoying!!!!

The first thing I noticed when I was swatching the Baby Lips glosses was the smell. The Baby Lips glosses smell AMAZING!!!! They all smell like fruity pick ‘n’ mix sweets, seriously the gloss smells good enough to eat. I bought the shade ’05 – Wink of pink’ which is a sheer glittery, sparkly gloss. The gloss is not sticky & has up to 4 hours of moisture to keep your lips feeling smooth, soft & not sticky. Check out Maybelline’s website

The last product I purchased was Pearl Drops Instant Natural White Charcoal toothpaste. I saw someone post about the toothpaste on Instagram & saw that the toothpaste came out purple. I just had to buy it & try it out. When I bought it from Boots it was on offer, now the toothpaste has gone up in price to £6.50 (Pearl Drops charcoal toothpaste link). When I first used the toothpaste I was a little bit scared of how purple the toothpaste was, but once you start brushing your teeth the colour gets lighter.  I only use natural whitening products on my teeth. Before buying Pearl Drops Charcoal toothpaste I was using Coco White oil pulling. I think that Pearl Drops Charcoal toothpaste is just as good as Coco White oil pulling. If your looking for a new Whitening product for your teeth I would definitely recommend you trying Pearl Drops Instant Natural White Charcoal toothpaste.

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