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I have fallen in LOVE with Elegant Touch nails!!! This is the first time I have purchased false nails from the brand. I have heard loads of great things about Elegant Touch nails from other bloggers & can’t wait to try them out. http://www.eleganttouch.com

The three packs of Elegant Touch false nails I purchased are part of a collaboration with House of Holland. The collection consists of eight different nails designs, which is great if your not a nail art expert like me. The collection has loads of unique designs & patterns, so whatever age you are there is something for everyone!!! The House of Holland collaboration nails prices start from £7.99-£8.99. I bought my three packs of false nails when Boots were doing a 3 for 2 promotion. I think Boots have currently got a buy 1 get 1 half price offer on all Elegant Touch nails http://www.boots.com.

In the photo above is ‘Glitter Lining’ Elegant Touch nails. They are my favourite out of the three packs of false nails I bought. I am definitely going to repurchase them as they are just stunning. I currently have the ‘Glitter Lining’ nails on. When I applied the nails I felt that they were too long. To make the nails more practical/wearable I cut them shorter & they look gorgeous!!! When I showed my Mum after she got home from work she thought the false nails were my real nails painted with foil nail polish. I’m really impressed with how natural the nails look & how comfortable they are to wear. Check out the link to the ‘Glitter Lining’ nails on the Boots website http://www.boots.com/en/Elegant-Touch-House-Of-Holland-V-Nails-Glitter-Lining_1822038/.

Check out ‘Monsieur Madness’ Elegant Touch nails. I’ve had mixed opinions on these nails from my followers on Instagram. Most girls really like them, but other girls think they look weird. http://www.boots.com/en/Elegant-Touch-House-Of-Holland-V-Nails-Monsieur-Madness_1822050/

Are you a blogger & obsessed with marble??? Then you will adore ‘Majestic Marble’ Elegant Touch nails. I’m definitely going to be wearing these nails when I go to a blog event.  http://www.boots.com/en/Elegant-Touch-House-Of-Holland-V-Nails-Majestic-Marble_1822046/

Each pack of Elegant Touch nails comes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes. The pack also contains an instruction booklet, nail glue & a nail file. Elegant Touch provides you with everything you need to get a perfect set of nails!!! As I have only just applied the ‘Glitter Lining’ nails I don’t know how long they will last on my nails, but I have heard from other bloggers that they can last for up to 9 days. How many days does the false nails you wear last???? & what is you favourite brand & design of false nails??? Leave me a comment I would love to know what you think.

Whats your favourite pack of Elegant Touch nails??? What other brands of false nails do you love wearing??? Leave me a comment & tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. September 9, 2016 / 5:14 PM

    These are my absolute favs! I went to an event just last night all about the Elegant touch nails to celebrate their new brand ambassador Jess Wright. I've been a fan of these great products for about 6 months now and wouldn't wear anything else! x


    • April 29, 2017 / 11:57 PM

      Hiya thanks for the comment 😘 Your so lucky to have gone to an Elegant Touch event!!!! I'm so jealous!!! I'm OBSESSED with all Elegant Touch products!!!!

      Rae xoxo

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