Tile review – Never lose your phone, keys, purse or anything!!!

Everyone reading this blogpost you need to buy yourself a Tile!!! Seriously though Tile will become your best friend once you’ve bought it. If you don’t know what Tile is, its a genius invention that allows you to find your keys & find your mobile phone & find anything that you attach a tile to. The best thing about Tile is even if your mobile phone is lost & is on silent you can still find your phone by double pressing on the ‘e’ button on your tile thats attached to your keys. The Tile will ring your phone really loud so you can find it easily. If you have lost your keys you go onto the Tile app which you have already downloaded onto your phone & you press ‘find’ & your keys will ring really loud so you can find them. Not only does it find your keys & phone easily, but if you go on Holiday & put a Tile in your luggage you can track your luggage on the map feature on the app, so you will never lose your luggage again. I found out about Tile over a year or more ago, but back then you could only buy them in the US!!! I’m so glad that Tile is now available to buy in the UK.

On Android phones you can have 4 Tiles registered to your phone & on the app you can name what each Tile is for. On iOS (Apple phones) you can register 8 Tiles on the app & can name what each Tile is for. I bought a 4 pack of Tiles from Tesco online mainly so I could collect the clubcard points, but you can also purchase Tiles from Maplins. I haven’t registered 4 Tiles on my iPhone I have just 1 Tile. I gave the other Tile to my brother for his Birthday he is always losing his keys & phone & is always annoying me & my Mum to help him find his keys or phone, so now he has attached the tile to his keys the problem is solved!!! Now me & my Mum have peace & quite. I gave another Tile to my Mum & the last Tile went to my Grandad.

I personally think its better value to buy a 4 pack instead of buying individual Tiles. In Tesco you can get a 4 pack of Tiles for £49.99 which I know is really expensive, but you could get a 4 pack & split the cost 4 ways between you & the other 3 family members who want a Tile. If you have enough clubcard points you can use them as payment or part payment towards getting yourself a pack of Tiles http://www.tesco.com/direct/tile-the-app-phonekeyitem-finder-4-pack/578-6157.prd. If you do just want to get 1 Tile it costs £19.99 from Tesco http://www.tesco.com/direct/tile-the-app-1-pack/359-4180.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=359-4180. Watch the Tile video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqDm3gZNZPM Once you have seen it you will definitely want to buy a Tile.

To allow the Tile to work on your phone you have got to enable Bluetooth. Bluetooth is how your phone connects to the Tile to track where your phone/keys/anything you have the tile attached to is. Another great feature of the Tile is that its waterproof!!! I haven’t personally tried this to see if its true, but I have seen a review online saying that their Tile went in the washing machine by accident & it still works (Please do not try this!!! Tiles are really expensive). On Instagram if you search #Tileapp you will see a lot of people posting photos of Tiles attached onto their cats & dogs collars which is a really strange thing to do, but also quite a clever idea. If your cat or dog went missing you could instantly track them on the Tile app map on your phone & you could find your pet or if someone has stolen your pet cat/dog you could use the information to give to the Police to help them reunite you with your pet!!! What would you attach a Tile onto???? Have you heard of any crazy stories of people attaching Tiles to strange things??? Are you thinking about buying a Tile???? Leave me a comment & tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading!!!

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