Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System | First Impressions

Scholl have released a new nail care system, which is part of the Velvet Smooth range. After having my Scholl Express Pedi roller since March 2015 my feet having been looking & feeling great!!! I thought I might as well give the nail care set a go. Check out Scholl’s website for more amazing products

I bought the Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set just before Christmas when Boots was selling the gift set for half price!!!! The set I got normally costs £69.99 I managed to get the set for £34.99 which I thought was a great bargain. If you just want the manicure nail care tool you can get it from Boots for £39.99 I think its best to wait for offers, so you can get more for your money.

The nail care system is really easy to use!!! The nail care system comes with a battery, so as soon as you get the nail care system out of the packaging your ready to use it. The nail care system comes with three separate changeable heads & they have numbers on each one, so you know which order to use them in. Head one files/shapes your nails, Head two buffers & evens out your nails and Head three shines your nails. After I used the Scholl nail care system for the first time I was shocked with how good my nail looked!!! I never leave my nails without nail polish on, because I hate how horrible my nails look. Since using the nail care system last week for the first time. I haven’t painted my nails once!!! I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of the nail care system. Especially as I have a gel nail polish kit at home. I’m hoping that after I take off gel nail polish. The Scholl nail care system will make my nails look healthier.

In the Scholl gift set, I got the Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil. The only Nail Care Oil I have used before is the Red Carpet Manicure Oil. I think the Scholl’s Nail Care Oil is just as good as RCM, but Scholl’s Nail Care Oil has a better smell. I think I will definitely repurchase Scholl’s Nail Care Oil once I have run out. Scholl’s Nail Care Oil is meant to “help increase circulation to the nail bed & help promote healthier looking nails” You can apply the Nail Care Oil daily to the cuticles & nails. After I used the Electronic Nail Care System I applied the Nail Care Oil & it made my nails look AMAZING!!!! You can buy the Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil Separate for £7.99

The added bonus in my Velvet Smooth gift set was Revlon’s Multi Care Base + Top Coat nail polish. I love Revlon nail polishes & can’t wait to try out the Base & Top coat when I next paint my nails. You can buy Revlon’s Multi Care Base + Top Coat from Superdrug for £6.49, but at the moment its on offer for £5

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